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Did you know it costs on average £9,700 of unplanned legal fees and lost assets to die without a will in the UK? Not to mention the additional stress for your loved ones left behind.

Get writing your will off your bucket list and protect your loved ones for good with Farewill, rated UK's #1 will writing service by TrustPilot.

Farewill takes you through a jargon-free step-by-step process to complete your legally binding will online, without the expense or complication of seeing a solicitor in person.

- Complete your will online in as little as 15 minutes
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- Update your will at any time for only £10/year (first 12 months free) over 3 years ago £50

Switch I.T. - the bridge between Autism and a career in I.T.

Switch I.T. Training and Consultancy Ltd ( social enterprise consisting of an I.T. Consultancy and repair Service and an Autism-specific I.T. training and work experience programme.
In September 2015 we will offer 10 places for young people (16-25) to undertake Comptia A+ training and work experience within our Repair Service and Consultancy.
We will employ as many of our graduating trainees as possible, and are building a network of Autism-savvy employers who value employees with Autism and are willing to think smartly around equal opportunities and the interview process.
Our Head Trainer is an I.T. Engineer with 12 years experience, 7 of which were spent working at an Autism-specific independent residential special school where he ran an I.T. practitioner course for pupils.
We aim to use a passion for I.T., and our personal and professional experience of Autism, to increase employment opportunities for young people with Autism.
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Life Support Productions

We publish a range of educational DVD resources suitable for children and young people including those with learning disabilities. Focussed on relationship and sex education/PSHE, each of our DVDs provides essential information including about body changes, consent, sex education, contraception, personal health and much more.

Accessible and user-friendly, with easy to use menu choices and optional subtitles, each offers a comprehensive guide in a clear and engaging way. Using 2D or 3D animation throughout, each topic is explained by its own video sequence. These are evenly paced, clear and direct with lots of useful information. almost 4 years ago Varied

Diversity Jobs

This site is not about targeting one particular group of people it is about creating work places that are rich in skills sets from a wide variety of people. Studies show that businesses with a diverse staff base out perform their counterparts in productivity and profit.

So, whether you identify with any of the facts or relate to them personally, ask yourself this “Would I rather work for a business that only offers a one size fits all approach that does not value a work place that reflects the real UK demographic, or one that places importance on looking after people? about 4 years ago

Software based support tool

Brain-in-Hand is an assistive technology and support system for people who have difficulty responding to unplanned events, social situations and the requirements for immediate action. This can be due to impaired executive functions of the brain, which is experienced by people with High Functioning Autism/ Asperger's. almost 5 years ago TBA

HERA: GPS Watch for Children (Indigogo Project)


HERA is a mobile watch phone created with children’s safety in mind. With GPS capabilities and only four programmable buttons on the keypad, it is both easy for children to use and convenient for parents to monitor.

Created for Safety

As a parent, I have always been deeply affected by stories of missing children; so much so, that whenever the TV news would feature kidnapped or lost children, I would have to change the channel. I didn't want to imagine the panic and desperation that a family would face being separated from their child. For years, I have worked as a developer, and I knew that I had an opportunity to create something meaningful; something that could change the world for the better. I began working on a project to improve the lines of communication between children and parents. Out of this, HERA was developed.

Designed with children in mind.

Through testing many prototypes, we have discovered essential components of a phone designed for children:

Easy to use. With only four preprogrammed buttons, a child as young as one year old can make a call. Unlike a mobile phone placed in a pocket or backpack, the watch is constantly visible to children, and easily accessed when they need it.

Compatible with an active lifestyle. Children are constantly active; running, jumping, falling, and moving around. While other prototypes such as a mobile phone necklace were affected by the constant motion, the HERA watch phone is durable and uninhibited by children’s activities.

Adaptable for all ages. Children at different stages have different needs and abilities. A very young child has little independence, and no need to use a phone on a regular basis. An older child might need to contact a parent with questions or information.

With its GPS technology, HERA works well for young children to wear on outings, such as trips to the mall or park. For older children who walk to and from school and activities, it can be worn daily. HERA is especially useful for children of any age to wear on international trips.

Designed for your peace of mind

HERA is designed to ?t your lifestyle as a parent, and to allow you to easily contact and locate your child. As the project grows, we will be able to offer an increasing amount of features to make the phone even more ef?cient and effective. almost 5 years ago $160.00 or £93.00

Waterless Shampoos

Please look through the amazing range of WATERLESS bathing, personal hygiene and sanitising products. You will find WATERLESS shampoos (dry shampoo liquid), conditioners, body washes,  and shampoo caps; that will allow you to get clean and fresh without using water! There are also the best smelling alcohol free hand sanitisers to kill germs.

When bathing is difficult or there is no water - here are just some of the uses for these products:

Festival Goers, Campers, Hikers, Survivalists, Expeditions

Mobile Hairdressers

Sport - Cyclists, Gym Members, Runners

Care Workers, Nursing Homes, Elderly & Infirm

Disabled, ME, MS, Alzheimers, Dementia

There's even a waterless Dog shampoo & more...

HOW do the products work?

Take the shampoo for example, you simply apply the liquid directly to your scalp, massage to a lift oil and grease, then whilst soapy and wet, remove with a towel - so the towelling action is a very important part of the process. Do the products really work? You bet they do or your money back.

For more information please call us or use the Live Chat facility.


RollaDome All Skate

Roller Skating for all ages, all skill levels, bundles of fun. almost 5 years ago

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