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Autism tips from autistic individuals

Posted by: Manar Matusiak — 8 months ago (26 comments)

We would like to compile a list of autism tips provided to us by individuals on the autistic spectrum. Please add to this discussion thread. We hope to collect 200 tips for 2017. If the tip is from a child please let us know if you are providing...

Explaining the diagnosis to the child with autism

Posted by: Felicity Anderson — over 4 years ago (5 comments)

This is an article discussion explaining the diagnosis to the child with autism. Does anyone have examples or information from their own experiences relating to this topic?   Please click here to read the article.

Short videos on autism/Asperger's

Posted by: Felicity Anderson — over 4 years ago (26 comments)

Does anyone have any short videos on autism and/or Asperger's? Please show them here!

Autism and Sleep

Posted by: Manar Matusiak — almost 4 years ago (3 comments)

We receive a lot of enquiries about sleep. If you have any tips or experiences you can share please add to this discussion point. Some tips we have been given to pass on to parents so far have included - 1. Making sure the bedroom is dark,...

Autism tips for families and professionals

Posted by: Manar Matusiak — 12 months ago (1 comment)

Here are 200 autism tips from Geoff Evans, Autism Consultant and Trainer 200 Autism Tips. Have you got your own favourite tip?

advice urgently needed!

Posted by: dawn broomfield — about 3 years ago (2 comments)

Hi, I am really worried about my brothers health and wondered if anyone could give me any advice? My brother is 20 and over the past few years became very reclusive to the point where he only leaves his room to use the toilet or get food. He...

Neurodiversity and the criminal justice system

Posted by: Manar Matusiak — over 1 year ago (1 comment)

An interview with Dr William Packard Neurodiversity and the criminal justice system


Posted by: Sue Laughlin — over 1 year ago (5 comments)

Hi, a friend of mine suggested that I register with you.  I am 53 years old and having trouble with work so he has suggested that I get a diagnosis.  I would rather go privateely as I am not confident going through my GP, although he is very...

Cough / Throat Clearing

Posted by: Amanda Stokes — over 1 year ago (1 comment)

My 15yo son is severely autistic and has global development delay. For around two years now he has developed a habit which comes and goes whereby (at its worst) he can cough or clear his throat up to 15-20 times a minute, becoming very agitated...

Help : 13 year Son is disrupting the family so much and we need help.. urgently.

Posted by: Gavin Carr — almost 2 years ago (2 comments)

Hi, we are a family of 4 (mum, dad, son and daughter) and my eldest son is 13 and has autism, he is since statemented at school for 10 hours/week but since starting at secondary school his behaviour has become almost unbearable.... he now...

Advice please!

Posted by: Gillian Giles — almost 2 years ago (1 comment)

I have a 5 year old boy with autism and adhd who is obsessed with bins, at his school there are two recycling bins at the entrance but the bins are overflowing and my son is biting himself, pulling out his hair and slapping his face as he cannot...

Airports and autism

Posted by: Felicity Anderson — about 2 years ago (1 comment)

Here is a blog post discussing the need for UK airports (although international awareness would be good too) to improve their assistance for those with autism..

Autism come high functioning and mental health problems

Posted by: Angela Clark — about 2 years ago (1 comment)

My son as had autism all his life, he is twenty one and finished his college.. Now after two years of being at home he as again developed a behaviour pattern, not going out , does not want to engage in any activities.. Getting angry with people...

Aspergers teenager, with additional social anxiety disorder and OCD

Posted by: Suzanne Walters — about 2 years ago (1 comment)

Hi there. My son is 18 and only got a diagnosis at 17 despite being in and out of the CAMHS service since the age of 3 1/2. By the time we finally got the diagnosis he was suffering from severe anxiety, had not been able to attend school for...

Where can I get a break.

Posted by: Sharon Francis — over 2 years ago (1 comment)

I've got to the point where I need some help. I'm the only NT in the house and have no support at all. My 11 year old daughter has high functioning Autism. My 25 year old son has Aspergers and so does my Husband (not my sons father). Even...

Mood and Emotions

Posted by: nicola fry — over 2 years ago (3 comments)

i am a 34 year old female and i have aspergers syndrome and i and anxierty i am having a very hard time with my mood and i am finding it hard to focse and stamalise my mood i am up one minite and down the next and i need some help i am going for...

My son makes himself sick to get out of going to school

Posted by: Karen Pike — over 2 years ago (1 comment)

My son started the local Academy last September, he's 11yr old and his ASD has shown itself more so over the past few years. He was meant to have support in the school and did to begin with but now it's like they've gone 'cold turkey' on him and...

Our boy is bullied at school by pupils and teachers!!

Posted by: cynthia gayton — over 2 years ago (1 comment)

Our 7 year old has trouble with other children regarding bullying and the teacher has had him on special report since September, he doesnt want to go to school anymore, he feels so sad that other children use him in a way that gets him into...

Stealing benefits

Posted by: Tracey Rawlings — over 2 years ago (2 comments)

Hi all, I need some advise on benefits. I'm trying to help a 30yr old with aspergers and learning disabilities. He was 'assessed' when 25 after being on incapacity since 16. The assessor was in the jobcentre and in no way a qualified health...

unexpected rage fits

Posted by: Kyle aiden hall — over 2 years ago (5 comments)

Even though as I've grown older I've learned to force myself to be more social (it really hurts to do so tho but more I do it the easier it is) but think I still find myself doing is the need to destroy when someone places or uses somthing of my...