Autism and Sleep

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We receive a lot of enquiries about sleep. If you have any tips or experiences you can share please add to this discussion point.

Some tips we have been given to pass on to parents so far have included -

1. Making sure the bedroom is dark, quiet and cool - eg using heavy curtains

2. Ensuring there is a known bedroom routine, eg bath or story

3. Adhering to a sleep/wake schedule, eg similar waking times during the week and weekend

4. Avoiding stimulants, eg caffeine

Have you got others? Has anything particularly worked for you?



Posted by: Felicity — 2 months ago

Sleep Problems and Autism Spectrum Disorders -

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Sleepopolis have an article on Autism and Sleep

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Sleep and Autism: Helping Families Get the Rest They Need

Webinar from Beth Malow, M.D., M.S. where she shares research on sleep and autism. She also gives practical tips and resources related to sleep. This webinar is 60 minutes long.

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Sleep Guide For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Sleep Guidance for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from the Sleep Reports website here

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Sleep Guide For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder - click here

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This is another article not refering to autism in particular however still contains some great information, for adults in particular;

Adults with ADHD and the sleep problems they face

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Here are three more articles about sleep from Tuck - the community for advancing better sleep;


ADHD and Sleep Disorders

How Sleep Impacts Productivity and Attention

How to Fall Asleep Faster


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Here is an article by Tuck - a community for advancing better sleep

Posted by: Felicity — about 2 years ago

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From Aman -  Not only in children but in adults with autism as well. After years of having moderate sleep I have a client that does not sleep at all most nights. No other changes have occurred in his life. No medicine is working. Tried all strategies. Nothing seems to work. Any suggestions please. He is 52. Sister says his dad used to wake him up at 3 am to use the bathroom when he was a young boy Would this have anything to do with it. He does have in continence issues if asleep around 3 am.

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