menopause and Aspergers

Posted by: JIP — over 7 years ago (5 comments)

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Is there anyone out there who is going through the menopause with Aspergers as would welcome your story and advice.I was only diagnosed with AS in 2001 and health service still cant provide any support.I live in Middlebrough which has no local support groups and espeicailly none for adults.I am havinf so much problem with over heating which has got worse since menopause and my anxiety and moods are so much worse which is affecting my esteem which is bad anyway.So need support from somewhere as I am desparate and need to locate some form of professional who can be bothered to take the time to help.


Posted by: Marjan Rooijen — about 1 year ago

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Posted by: /user-profile/6537 — over 1 year ago

Hi elcie! I accidentally came across this site on the menopause website I hope I've been helpful!

Posted by: Aster — almost 5 years ago

I've found my as traits much more difficult to cope with during the menopause. I feel like I'm going back to my childhood.

Posted by: elcie — over 7 years ago

I need help to understand my adult son with Aspergers!  

Is there a respite home for him to go to help him socialise and understand he is not alone with his condition?
 - My name is Lynda 


Posted by: Felicity — over 7 years ago

 Hi JIP,

Sorry to hear you are finding things difficult at the moment.

Below is an article from a regular blogger with Asperger's Syndrome which might be of interest.

Please click here to read.

We have contacted someone in the Teeside area who might be able to help with further information/support. If you would like to email us on we will be able to pass on further information to you.