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Posted by: Dawn123 — about 6 years ago (2 comments)

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Hi, I am really worried about my brothers health and wondered if anyone could give me any advice? My brother is 20 and over the past few years became very reclusive to the point where he only leaves his room to use the toilet or get food. He doesnt wash and has a very limited diet (super noodles, chicken sandwiches). About a month ago he began vomiting randomly every few days. Because of this my mum convinced him to shower while she cleaned his bedroom. She found that his mattress was mouldy where he sweats so much so quickly threw all his bedding away and replaced it. The vomiting seemed to stop for a few days but has since started again and despite trying hard to get him to wash more he still won't. He refuses to see a doctor or even talk to a doctor on the phone. He has water retention in his legs due to his lack of movement and sores on his back. I am so worried for his health, is there anything I can do? Obviously he is an adult so has the right to refuse treatment but its awful to watch him deteriorate. Any advice would be very appreciated


Posted by: manarm — about 4 years ago

Continence problems for children on the autism spectrum

Some thoughts from a NAS training session delivered by Lorraine MacAlister and Dr Eve Fleming.

Posted by: Felicity — about 6 years ago

Hello Dawn123,

Thank you for your post. Would you be able to email me on and I can respond in full with further details, I also have some questions for further information and for privacy do not want to post these on the discussion board.

Many thanks,