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Posted by: Gillgiles — almost 5 years ago (1 comment)

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I have a 5 year old boy with autism and adhd who is obsessed with bins, at his school there are two recycling bins at the entrance but the bins are overflowing and my son is biting himself, pulling out his hair and slapping his face as he cannot cope with the stress of the bin lids not closing. I have advised several members of staff about this and told them the bins needs to go as the school promised they would move them if it became a problem, however the bins have remained in place and my son is still self-harming. I have now pulled my son out of school and made a complaint to local council after a discussion with the school where they said they were not aware of the problem with the bins. There is no duty of care and I no longer trust them with my son. Can anybody give me advice on what to do about the school. Thanks!


Posted by: Felicity — almost 5 years ago

  Hello Gillgiles,

Thank you for your post. Firstly I will ask does your son have a statement or an Education, Health and Care plan? If not please email me at and I will send you a form and details of how to start this process.

Regarding the specific bin issue can I ask have you spoken to the special needs co-ordinator at the school? They might be able to help.

I would also contact the Autism team at your local authority who might be able to intervene. 

Another suggestion would be to try a social story with your son, about how bins get full and then they have to wait for the day the bin man arrives to empty them? The school or yourself, might be able to create a chart where your son will cross off the days until the bin men arrive and empty the bin.

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any further questions and would like information regarding an EHC plan, please email us at the above address.