Help : 13 year Son is disrupting the family so much and we need help.. urgently.

Posted by: Apollo — almost 5 years ago (2 comments)

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we are a family of 4 (mum, dad, son and daughter) and my eldest son is 13 and has autism, he is since statemented at school for 10 hours/week but since starting at secondary school his behaviour has become almost unbearable.... he now regularly wets the bed, says he hears voices in his head and has no respect for anyone in the household. he refuses to take any help from either myself or his mum and regularly tells us he wants to live with another family... but then retracts.

he finds it hard to interact with anyone at home and regularly starts agruments blaming it on the other family members, we have asked to be referred back to his previous specialist but are still waiting on an appointment, we need help now as the family is at breaking point.....  can anyone help or recommend a line of communication which may help us get support.... 






Posted by: Stokesy-UK — over 4 years ago

Hi Apollo, I'm new to this site and appreciate your post it a month or so old. I really feel for you and your family and sincerely hope you've managed to find some helpful support. Best wishes xxx

Posted by: Felicity — over 4 years ago

Hello Apollo, 

Please call us on 0800 756 2420 if you would like to discuss this. If you would prefer please email us at with your name and telephone number - mentioning you contacted initially on here and we will call you back to discuss the options available to you.