Cough / Throat Clearing

Posted by: Stokesy-UK — over 4 years ago (1 comment)

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My 15yo son is severely autistic and has global development delay. For around two years now he has developed a habit which comes and goes whereby (at its worst) he can cough or clear his throat up to 15-20 times a minute, becoming very agitated and (occasionally) start hitting his head. Initially we thought it might be related to his voice breaking, plus causing a different sensation with the develop of his adams apple. He's also been checked out medically and GP has ruled out nasal drip, mucus reflux, etc. The general consensus now appears that it is behavioural. We've tried ignoring the behaviour (sometimes he'll go an hour or more with no cough/clearing, sometimes it just escalates more and more), and we've tried asking him to concentrate (which he can manage for a few minutes then usually starts up again). His tonsils are almost constantly enlarged and will regularly make his throat sore. He says he feels happy when coughing, although it doesn't seem to be better or worse depending on how stimulated he is. We've also tried to encourage him to make alternate 'happy' noises - e.g. microwave beep, etc. At a total loss of what else to try...any suggestions??? Thank you!


Posted by: Stokesy-UK — over 4 years ago

Any help would be gratefully received!!