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Hi all,

just wondered if anyone here was aware of the debate held in Westminster hall.

It was held on Wednesday 13th 2017 at 09:30 and finished at 10:58.

I contacted my local mp after seeing a NAS banner on Facebook. It was asking for people to lobby thier mp for a debate to be heard.

It worked as mp Bambos Charalambos (Enfield,Southgate,labour) was granted permission for the debate to be heard.

It was nice to see cross party support for a set period of waiting time to be made mandatory between referral to diagnosis start time.

I was sent a copy of the transcript by my mp who could not attend.

13 took some reading and I admit I am not the best with remembering facts,To tell you I would have to physically write it all down.


Any idea, suggestions would be appreciated ,


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