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 I wonder whether anyone could help. I have a new Kodiaq, which is great, especially as it's my first new car for 18 years! It's the Columbus setup (but not with the SIM card slot in the glovebox) and I'm having some problems getting online stuff to work (e.g. in Navigation, Google Earth; or updating maps; or Skoda connect services - even though I successfully registered online and in the car)So, I have an iPhone. I set up a personal hotspot on the iPhone and connected the Kodiaq to it. The phone confirms the connection. I assumed that then online "things" would work, by using the iPhone's 4G data. But if I try to update maps, or Kodiaq software or access Skoda Connect services, I just get a "service unavailable" message. The "Google Earth" option on the maps just remains greyed out and not selectable.Am I missing something? Can anyone more knowledgeable advise please?


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