Living Independently

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their are some thoughts going through my mind, so first off to start off a quick summary my ex step dad & my bio mom got a divorce. They originally met back in 2016 & my ex step dad bought a house in a small decent town for me & my mom to live in, their were a lot of ups & downs which led to my step dad moving out & now my mom & I are moving back to the original home me & my brother grew up in (of course he isn't pleased with it).So now that was explained the things I can't stop thinking about is what's going to happen in the future. Basically I just wanna be like everyone else which is to move out & be independent like everyone else, I've made a post on Wrong Planet not long ago asking what I should do to get a job....but aside from that their might be sensory issues when it comes to not focusing on studying to get a drivers license & maybe finding a house/apartment to rent/own. any suggestions.?


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