any mums of autistic kids from waterford

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i am just trying to find some information about services that are available in the waterford are for autistic children. i am interested in the amount of aba schooling and the availability of spaces and also information on the early intervention unit in wrh and as to weather they assist you in finding schooling and basically if the services are good or bad in comparison to the rest of the country especailly second son at 20 months has not been diagnosed as yet as can only be assesed down here when he is 2 ,but the paed has said all the indications are leading this way. we are awaiting a hearing test but this is just a formality they do not feel it is his hearing.we also have a strong family history his 2 first cousins are autistic and i have known for a long time conor was not developing as he should .my phn has been great and has been seen him every 2 months and pushing appointments. basically we as a family have decided we will move house and county if we feel that we can get better services for conor in dublin as opposed to waterford i lived in dublin fo 10 years and my dh job is still in dublin. everything i can find tells me there are huge waiting lists down here where as my sil got aba schooling in dublin within a month as her lo is doing well.we are willing to move to whatever part of dublin needed it will require downsizing me giving up work and trying to manage on one car .this a good few months down the road as we dont have an official daignoses yet but i am just trying to suss out my options . 


Please help.

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