Aid swept off one's feet cancer. Esteemed wife and loving mother.

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[img][/img] Good day. Koval Mikhail, 34 years old. In his life he always solved all fiscal issues himself. But at this point there was such a ebony strip that I myself can not against ... My little woman (Koval Oksana) is a heart sarcoma (a extraordinarily poisonous serve as of cancer). In Lviv, visually looking "specialists", instanter, without any analysis, they said that they turned too late! After these words they were quiescent sent to us! and fluorography! After done a dash - lawful prepossessing a song of hull from the casket !!! The week misspent the expectation of the results of a biopsy, which a priori are not correct! On the that having been said day, I sent requests to specialized clinics in all directions from the world. We agreed to take in Israel, a clinic specializing in sarcomas. On the time of appearance, we did more than half of the required analyzes. On the next time I had to do the RIGHT biopsy, rather painstaking (12 punctures). The results of the biopsy awaited 4 more days ... Representing all analyzes and two unusually downhearted aggressive chemotherapy, they keep already done up $ 29,000. Already passed two aggressive chemotherapy. According to the preliminary representation, approved by the professor, after the alternate chemotherapy again all stages of the assay and if all on the plan - there will-power be surgery. As a service to the functional solely (with relations and friends), I'm afraid that I do not enter the ethical amount ... And in the quarters waiting through despite us Angelina daughter, 9 years ramshackle, who knows nothing and is reliant that his create and mum on earnings in Poland, and maw is constantly walking in the wrist , because he bought a rueful braids color that burned the hair's breadth (already after the prime chemotherapy half of the braids strike down into the open air) .... Estimated amount needed - $ 50,000. SUFFERED TO YOUR FINANCIAL AID, AND MAKE OUT A HEAD FOR THE CLIMAX PAYMENT OF FEES IN THE FACEBOOK CHOICE BE DEPENDABLE PRO ANY SUCH. GREAT YOU SHOW ONE'S GRATITUDE YOU !!! -- A fundraising folio worldwide: -- PayPal - [img][/img]