I need advice please

Posted by: kathy79 — over 7 years ago (3 comments)

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My sister has a 7 year old daughter who has always had problems with eye contact and social situations in a school enviroment. At a parents evening the school has expressed real concern as she:

Watches other children start activities and will not join in on her own.

Will only join in when really pushed to do so. Will not voulunteer information unless really puhed.

Answers in a tiny voice when pushed so no one will hear even when asked to use a big voice.

Theres a lengthy delay between when the teacher asks her something and when the child responds.

No eye contact

Has problems with remembering certain details and rules in maths.

Has no friends and has difficulty engaging with other children. Only really realtes well to my 11 year old son who has aspergers syndrome.

Has co-ordination difficulties and is unwilling to do anything like walk on a curb, log etc or climb ropes etc

Her behaviour at home is clingy, still no eye contact. Constantly seeks aproval. Then changes on a dime to defient, unwilling to answer questions or communicate. Hides her face and blows up into a full blown war between mother and child. Usually with the child not responding at all.

She arm flaps like crazy at home when excited.

Her behaviour the last month at home has deterioted and her mother hasnt the faintest what to do.

The school she attends is a little mainstream school with one class of 30 per year group. The school although conserned have made her attend a little group to surposidly help with social skills where they get her to do tasks and change the children she works with. They also try to get her to answer questions by picking her out of the group. She has been attending these classes for 5 months with little improvment as this is still their concern.


Any advice on what to do and how to go about this please?


many thanks





Posted by: Felicity — over 7 years ago

  Hi Kathy, 

I have some details for support groups in the Wolverhampton area, however there is not a lot. If your sister is happy to travel there are plenty more services in the surrounding areas, so if you would like information on these please just let me know.

The support group contact details for Wolverhampton are as follows;

Wolverhampton Group for Children with Autism
Contact Laura Plant
01902 877550 
Tettenhall Wood School Outreach Service for Autism Spectrum Conditions
For more information, please contact:
Louise Steel
Tettenhall Wood School Outreach Service for ASC
Tel: 01902 556519
Email: louise.steel@wolverhamptoncyp.org.uk
Sarah Letford, Parent Partnership Service
Tel: 01902 556945
Email: sarah.letford@wolverhampton.gov.uk
Held at: 
Tettenhall Wood School
School Road
Your sister might also want to sign up for updates online for Autism West Midlands family days.
She can do this via their website - www.autismwestmidlands.org.uk.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.


Posted by: kathy79 — over 7 years ago

Hi felicity


Many thanks for your wonderful responce and your links they are most helpful. My sister lives in the wolverhampton bourough west midlands. I think my sister has thought that this situation would improve with time, but it hasnt.

I will pass your advice on to her so i can help her to understand what and why her daughter has not improved.

many thanks



Posted by: Felicity — over 7 years ago

 Hi Kathy, 

I would suggest that your sister makes an appointment to go and see her GP and request an autism diagnosis for her daughter. I am including the link to our article called 'What your GP needs to know to help you get a diagnosis', you can read this by clicking here.

I would suggest your sister both read and prints this article and takes a copy with her when she goes to see the GP.

Following on from this I am including the links to another 2 articles which will be helpful to your sister to read and can also be printed.

The first is called 'Autism and your rights', which can be found by clicking here.

The second is called 'What works? With individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions', this article discussed different ways to help and support an individual with autism. You can find this article here.

I would also suggest that your sister contacts the SEN coordinator at her daughters school and request a Statement of Educational Needs which will help her daughter at school and can be carried with her through primary to secondary.

If you would like to email us at info@livingautism.co.uk with details of where your sister lives we can look for support groups in the area which she might want to contact for both her and her daughter.

I hope this information helps.