Is this normal for a child with Aspergers

Posted by: chellezuk — over 7 years ago (2 comments)

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Hi, I am new on here and I'm desperate for help. My son has just turned 5. We have had concerns for about a year he suffers from anxiety, he likes everything to be done in a certain way, lines things up, he doesn't interact with children or adults and the list goes on. He has now started school and he had a teacher that was really helpful, she started to notice things I hadn't like he was mimicking her face when he spoke to her. At parents evening she said "my son was very controlled at school and she felt it was because he knew he was diffrent from the other children but done his best to act the same as them". We had a few problems with him but with the help of his teacher he started to settle. Until she then went off on long term sick, he now has a replacement teacher that is saying there is nothing wrong with him. Despite him doing things like taking a coat hanger or a peg or a birthday candle to school as a comfort as he was anxious. He also was sick at school at lunch time he thought this was because of the food and didnt want to eat school dinner or pack lunch at school for 8 weeks and every morning cried until he vomited because he hated lunch times. Also at lunch time he stands with the dinner lady rather than play with the children. In some observations that were done they said he lacked imagination when he plays. He comes home from school, walks round and round in circles, becomes obsessive over things, watches the same things on TV over and over (usually documentaries on animals). The problem I have is that the teacher is saying that at school he is "normal" and there is no reason for concern, yet he comes home and seems to go into meltdown. I have heard a couple of people say that this is quite normal as they are able to hold it together at school but get home and bang the behaviour changes. Yet the school are saying there is no way that he could turn it on and off like this. Is it possible? Has anyone else had the same experience? I would appreciate anyone's help Sorry to go on. Michelle


Posted by: chellezuk — over 7 years ago

I have asked for an assesment and we were referd to local hospital and been placed on a waiting list for assesment (back in October) but still waiting. The school SENCO is the head teacher and she will not agree to an SEN being done but has agreed to a team around child meeting. My son did have observations done by a specialist health visitor and a speech therapist (this was after I put pressure on them) but have since asked for copies of their reports to be told there isn't and report but they will write up and give me a copy of their notes! The problem I have is my sons behaviour is so diffrent at school to at home. I wondered if it is possible that a child of 5 with Aspergers is able to be so much more controlled in school and then change at home? As his original teacher implied this could be the case and this is why they are not experiencing what I do at home. Is it possible? Has anyone else experienced this?

Posted by: Felicity — over 7 years ago

Hi Michelle,

I am sorry to hear about the struggles you are having with your son at the moment.

I think the best thing would be to make an appointment with your GP and request that he/she refer you for a diagnosis for autism.

I am including a link in this email which will take you to an article called 'What your GP needs to know to help you get a diagnosis', click here to read this. I would have a read of this article and print a copy and take it with you when you visit the GP.

I would also speak to the SEN co-ordinator at the school and ask for a Statement of Educational Needs, which can be carried on from primary to secondary school.

If you would like to email us direct on with details of your postcode I can let you which diagnostic centres are in your area and also some information on support groups.