Sensory differences. Share your stories - the good and the bad

Posted by: Felicity — about 8 years ago (8 comments)

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Here is an article written by Geoff Evans from The Options Group about the sensory world of individuals with autistic spectrum conditions.

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Posted by: manarm — over 5 years ago

Report on a study on autism and sensory experiences in adults. Click here.

Posted by: Felicity — over 7 years ago

The below article has been written by Nelle Francis who is the creator of and the Ben and His Helmet book series. The article talks about the Autism Spectrum Condition and Sensory Processing Issues.

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Posted by: Felicity — about 8 years ago

Here is an article from SEN magazine thatt looks at how we can understand and support sensory perception difficulties in children with autism .

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Posted by: manarm — about 8 years ago

 This is a beautifully written piece about the sensory differences of 'Northergirl' with AS. Click here

Posted by: weebo — about 8 years ago

sensory issues :-( these are hard ot deal with i am an adult and feel like these have gotten harder to deal with as i get older, that or iu just understand waht they are, not beeing diognosed till i was 29 its veyr hard to understand, iam hypersensative to touch, some sounds and lights, the touch is very hard ot deal with and so is the ears they can be really frustration, i wish i understood more or had help to understand it more :-(