Newly diagnosed myself using the official test from a reliable book called autism and asperger syndrome Simon Baron Cohen

Posted by: Lola — over 7 years ago (2 comments)

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I took the test in the book and scored 35 on the autism spectrum so i assume that i am autistic  I have not seen my doctor about it  I have been diagnosed with ME I have TM too and i have a chronic gastrointestinal problem Much of my behaviour over the years has been answered by the questions on the test and it is a relief at the age of 53 to know what has been behind my behaviours and developmental disorders I always felt something was missing Origianlly i thought i had dyslexia as in visual dyslexia A good friend reckoned i should try the test and here i am So i would like to know what to do next really


Posted by: Felicity — over 7 years ago

Dear Lola, 

The process to get an autism diagnosis is to be referred by a GP.

I would suggest you book an appointment with your GP and request that he/she refer you for an autism diagnosis.

If you would like to email us on with your postcode we can provide you with the contact details of a diagnostician in your area, along with some articlesl to take with you to show the GP.




Posted by: Aspergeer — over 7 years ago

The thing about taking tests for AS yourself, is that you can't be diagnosed from it, only a qualified and experienced clinician can do that, and would use the tests in conjunction with a thorough assessment including a past history.  Whilst it's entirely possible you have Asperger's/PDD-NOS etc., there are some psychological conditions which have some similar traits, such as schizophrenia, avoidant personality disorder, and others.

Here is some information about how to get assessed: