Looking for parents and/or families to be involved in my book

Posted by: margaret devaney — over 7 years ago (2 comments)

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My name is Margaret and I am looking for parents and families to be involved in a book I am writing- A Thousand Happy Stories which is a collection of stories from all over the UK about the positive aspects of bring up a child with Autism. 

Parent/ families will be paid for their time and they will also receive a copy of the book once published (late December 2013)

If you would like to be involved, please send me a short email and I will respond with in a day or two.


You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at - A1000Happy

Hope to hear from you soon

Margaret Devaney


Posted by: margaret devaney — over 7 years ago

 that would be great falicity, thank you.


Posted by: Felicity — over 7 years ago

Hello Margaret,

Thank you for your post.

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