How do you help adults with autism.

Posted by: flossie — over 7 years ago (3 comments)

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My son is 43 years old with a mild form of Autism. His main problem is dealing with any type of official correspondence, eg. car insurance, tax problems. I fear he will shortly break the law and am at my wits end.

any advice would be good.


Posted by: flossie — over 7 years ago

I have tried talking to the Insurace company but they are unable to discuss Andrews account without his authorisation. He has never been diagnosed, in fact our GP eventually suggested to Andrew that he is fine and that I had the problem. Therefore Andrew is reluctant to let me help until it's too late and he has no other options. I will try your suggestion and write to the Insurance company, it may be helpful in the long run.  Many thanks                                                                                                                                                                                     Pauline                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Posted by: manarm — over 7 years ago

From Stephanie - It would be helpful to know where the difficulty lies. Is it the manner in which he receives the information, how he is expected to respond, etc.? Is this an executive functioning issue and thus he needs assistance in the management of the correspondence, and then the manner in which he responds? Does he do better with utilizing the computer or writing manually/in longhand his responses to the correspondence? The issue(s) needs to be broken down into parts to understand where the difficulty lies and then step by step in how to help him assess and manage each piece of correspondence, with oversight until he feels competent. I also agree with Jenny that there needs to be a written record with the relevant companies noting his problems, referencing the ADA (if this is in the UK I am not sure which law is relevant here, but assume there is something akin to the Americans with Disabilities Act here in the USA).
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Posted by: manarm — over 7 years ago

From Jenny - Can sympathise! While don't have an answer, think probably helpful to make contact with the relevant organisation in writing, so that if there is some fallout later, there is something tangible, in legal terms , that indicates you had made them aware there was a problem. Good luck

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