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Aspergers teenager, with additional social anxiety disorder and OCD

Posted by: Ellie2013 — last comment almost 6 years ago (1 comment)

Hi there. My son is 18 and only got a diagnosis at 17 despite being in and out of the CAMHS service since the age of 3 1/2. By the time we finally got the diagnosis he was suffering from severe anxiety, had not been able to attend school for...

Where can I get a break.

Posted by: Sfw66 — last comment about 6 years ago (1 comment)

I've got to the point where I need some help. I'm the only NT in the house and have no support at all. My 11 year old daughter has high functioning Autism. My 25 year old son has Aspergers and so does my Husband (not my sons father). Even...

Mood and Emotions

Posted by: weebo — last comment almost 6 years ago (3 comments)

i am a 34 year old female and i have aspergers syndrome and i and anxierty i am having a very hard time with my mood and i am finding it hard to focse and stamalise my mood i am up one minite and down the next and i need some help i am going for...

My son makes himself sick to get out of going to school

Posted by: Kazzy44 — last comment about 6 years ago (1 comment)

My son started the local Academy last September, he's 11yr old and his ASD has shown itself more so over the past few years. He was meant to have support in the school and did to begin with but now it's like they've gone 'cold turkey' on him and...

Our boy is bullied at school by pupils and teachers!!

Posted by: jane eyre — last comment about 6 years ago (1 comment)

Our 7 year old has trouble with other children regarding bullying and the teacher has had him on special report since September, he doesnt want to go to school anymore, he feels so sad that other children use him in a way that gets him into...

Stealing benefits

Posted by: northerntracey — last comment almost 6 years ago (2 comments)

Hi all, I need some advise on benefits. I'm trying to help a 30yr old with aspergers and learning disabilities. He was 'assessed' when 25 after being on incapacity since 16. The assessor was in the jobcentre and in no way a qualified health...

unexpected rage fits

Posted by: kah2699 — last comment over 6 years ago (5 comments)

Even though as I've grown older I've learned to force myself to be more social (it really hurts to do so tho but more I do it the easier it is) but think I still find myself doing is the need to destroy when someone places or uses somthing of my...

help our son was beaten up by police

Posted by: chablis — last comment almost 6 years ago (5 comments)

We need psychiatric help for our son. 20yr old son went off to university and all seemed well until last easter when his new girlfriend of 8wks dumped him owing him £55. I know it's not a lot of money to you or I but anyone with a child having...

The Holidays for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Posted by: Felicity — last comment over 6 years ago (8 comments)

The holidays can be sensory overload for children with autism. Click here to read.

One of the partners seems to have Asperger's Syndrome

Posted by: YHH — last comment over 6 years ago (1 comment)

I'm an independent hi-tech professional doing the bulk of my work with a small company providing services to the hi-tech industry.  There are two main partners. One of them is almost impossible to work with. He misreads pretty much every...

Please could you kindly help to sign the petition to allow my autistic son back home in Scotland!

Posted by: nina1997 — last comment over 6 years ago (1 comment)

Dear parents:   My autistic son  is too long time in hospital in England now which is four and half months now  while we are in Scotland, It is exhausting for our family......The hospital has already finsihed all assessment a month ago but...

Adult (me) suspected of Aspergers diagnosis

Posted by: PaulyDee — last comment over 6 years ago (4 comments)

I am a 42 year old male and have suffered with Depression (medicated) and Anxiety for many years. I personally have nothing to be depressed or really complain about. I saw an Aspergers site and felt like I had been punched in the face when I...

My son is getting no help

Posted by: maggieW — last comment almost 7 years ago (1 comment)

My son is in his early 30's recently told he had Aspergers but that is about it no other help and only two visits to the Health Centre where he saw a psychiatrist. They say they have a back log and a diagnosis could take up to 2 years although...

Discrimination in employment

Posted by: Rob1e — last comment over 6 years ago (2 comments)

  Hi guys,  Recently I have started a campaign to try and raise awareness about how people with autism are discriminated against in the workplace (my half brother has autism and has tried to look for work but he has not found any). I have...

workplace bullying advice

Posted by: tkt1963 — last comment almost 7 years ago (1 comment)

My son is 25 and has Aspergers, he is going through a horrendous time at work he is a lone male amongst females and they are basically ganging up on him, there has been unfair distribution of Saturdays and bank holidays for 3 years, he was doing...

can they do that?

Posted by: Carmig — last comment almost 7 years ago (4 comments)

I am in my 50's and think that I may have Aspergers Syndrome. I also suffer with bouts of depression and anxiety. I have informed my workplace of my condition and am awaiting a referral to be assessed for Aspergers Syndrome. My workplace has made...

Advice please

Posted by: Dianapk — last comment almost 6 years ago (14 comments)

Hi my son has just turned 18 from the age of 3 until 14 we were attending specialists who thought he might have a mild form of as Aspergers !! Over the yrs we never got a definite yes or no answer !! Some said he met 2 points of the triangle but...

Meltdown from my 15 year old son

Posted by: ashley — last comment about 5 years ago (12 comments)

My son who is 15 was diagnosed 8 mths ago. I am finding it very hard with very little support only found out yesterday what a meltdown was. I have had a particular nasty now known Meltdown at the weekend the result was myself being punched and...

I need help and advice regarding my ASD (I am 19 years old)

Posted by: ASD-Bill95 — last comment almost 7 years ago (1 comment)

My GP denies that I am autistic and fobs me off. The last time I had a meltdown, the police were called and they tried to restrain me; I didn't like it and ended up hitting one of them (not on purpose). Any advice on meltdowns for my girlfriend...

Adult ASD assessment stuff for myself

Posted by: Neily — last comment almost 7 years ago (1 comment)

Hi there. I am a male adult on the autism spectrum. Am now 37 years old. I have received a diagnosis before as a younger adult (around 24), but feel it didn’t cover the challenges I face as an adult now with organisation, self-regulation, OCD...