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Behaviour Trackers

Posted by: Lyndalpip123 — last comment over 5 years ago (2 comments)

Hi all, I'm very new to this site having joined just today. I am looking for advice with behaviour trackers. I look after several young adult males who are on the autistic spectrum. one of my residents often has both verbal (shouting and...


Posted by: jacky — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

hi we was only told last year that our 15 year old son has autism no one has contacted us with any support

A cure

Posted by: bennyevile — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

I feel I need to be cured of this disease or put to sleep as my life can not be happy with this illness autisim has controled my life and not in a good way my girlfriend has left me because of it and no one else will take the time to understand...

Finding work

Posted by: Gaby — last comment over 5 years ago (2 comments)

My sister is on her early 30's and was diagnosed with Asperger’s about 8 years ago now; she has been to university and done a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. But now she is struggling to get a job, she gets interviews but other than a 4...


Posted by: pinkcat89 — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

ok so i work ina residential care home for people with adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviours. i am currently creating and activity plan for one of my residents with Autisms who is non verbal. Do any of you have any...

Respite care

Posted by: Hkm — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

After several years my brother in law has allowed us into his flat & it's in a dreadful state. It's way beyond my cleaning capabilities & I've no idea who would be willing to do the sort of cleaning needed. Also once it's cleaned we need...

It's almost December here are some resources for Christmas. What techniques do you put in place to help you manage at Christmas?

Posted by: Felicity — last comment over 5 years ago (6 comments)

Below is an autism take on the Christmas classic; Autism Night Before Christmas by Cindy Waeltermann Twas the Night Before Christmas And all through the house The creatures were stirring Yes, even the mouse We tried melatonin And...

Transition from school to adult services.

Posted by: gracekb — last comment over 5 years ago (3 comments)

Hi, my daughter will leave school in the summer of 2014. I have identified a service that I feel is the most appropriate one for her. How can I ensure that social work will fund this? I live in Scotland. I would like to know the appropriate...

My Ex and the mother of my daughter may be autistic

Posted by: Czaries — last comment over 5 years ago (2 comments)

I have a bit a query, for some time my ex has displayed behaviour issues, i simply put it down as she was particular, short tempered and sometime agressive, thus dealt with as such. Over the last 2/3 years she has been stressing that my...

Support for adults with aspergers

Posted by: JaneBee — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

My sister is 46 and has recently been diagnosed with aspergers.  She has been on the waiting list for a social worker for 6 months and doesn't seem to be getting any nearer to having one appointed.  I have spoken with her doctor on several...

First appointment

Posted by: XcoleX — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

My lil boy is 30 months and has just had his first appointment with the paediatrician after being referred by health visitor at this first at his appointment after all the questions and looking at how my lil boy behaved played etc she said it...

Top Tips for tooth brushing for individuals with autism

Posted by: Felicity — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

Here are some tips for from 'The Autism Angle; Tackling the Terrible Toothbrush: Tips for autism and brushing teeth'. Click here to read.

how can i get an offical diagnosis for aspergers?

Posted by: staceyh1985 — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

hi there im a woman that's 27 years of age i live in the lake district, a lecturer and 2 nvq asserors and my old manager in west yorkshire have pointed out to me they noticed sings of aspergers in me. so i took and online AQ test in which i...

Back to school for those on the autistic spectrum

Posted by: Felicity — last comment over 5 years ago (3 comments)

Here is an article on autism and sensory processing disorder. Does anyone have articles or other material that would be helpful to those with children on the autistic spectrum who are going back to school?

Autism Awareness Training: How much is enough?

Posted by: Felicity — last comment over 5 years ago (1 comment)

Does autism training make a difference? Here is one person's view. What are yours?

Travelling with an autistic child

Posted by: Felicity — last comment over 5 years ago (6 comments)

If anyone has any articles, comments or tips regarding travelling with a child on the autistic spectrum then please share them here.

How do you help adults with autism.

Posted by: flossie — last comment almost 6 years ago (3 comments)

My son is 43 years old with a mild form of Autism. His main problem is dealing with any type of official correspondence, eg. car insurance, tax problems. I fear he will shortly break the law and am at my wits end. any advice would be good.


Posted by: shady — last comment almost 6 years ago (1 comment)

my son is 27, and he has serious trouble with girls. He thinks that if a girl speaks to him or smiles at him she fancies him.He can not be trusted alone with girls,and has no real idea of acceptable behavour. I am very afraid of him being jailed...

Looking for parents and/or families to be involved in my book

Posted by: margaret devaney — last comment about 6 years ago (2 comments)

Hello My name is Margaret and I am looking for parents and families to be involved in a book I am writing- A Thousand Happy Stories which is a collection of stories from all over the UK about the positive aspects of bring up a child with...

Trouble with the police

Posted by: Mandragora — last comment about 6 years ago (1 comment)

Hello all, My son is severely autistic, and has a great deal of trouble controlling his temper. He lives in a house with three others, with permanent care workers on duty. Recently he attacked one of the people who supports him. He hurt them...