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getting a life

Posted by: janenoon — last comment over 6 years ago (2 comments)

My son is nearly 27 he has no friends or social life. Eventually i would like him to be able to live in his own flat with support but i cant seem to get any help. He would like to have a job but due to his difficulties has a problem even leaving...

ASD online questionnaire study (4 x £50 vouchers to win)

Posted by: HannahUCL — last comment over 6 years ago (1 comment)

Hi all, I'm a trainee clinical psychologist recruiting for my doctoral thesis and I have been given permission to post here. I'd be very grateful if any adults (18+s)  with ASD would click on the link below and complete the 15min...

my 6 year old son autistic???

Posted by: samantha — last comment over 6 years ago (4 comments)

my son has a statement from a previous primary school as behavourial when all health proffesionals agreed he has some form of ASD he currently attends a mainstream school and is struggling to the extent where he has now been excluded he is being...

how to get my son diagnosed

Posted by: sharon banes — last comment over 6 years ago (2 comments)

hi , im new on here and ive left it far too long as i know. my son was on special needs at senior school and removed the year before his exams and leaving, he is now nearly 17 and at college and as i exspected struggling badly with everyday life...

"Autism Night Before Christmas" - An autism take on the Christmas Classic

Posted by: Felicity — last comment over 6 years ago (1 comment)

  Autism Night Before Christmas by Cindy Waeltermann Twas the Night Before Christmas And all through the house The creatures were stirring Yes, even the mouse We tried melatonin And gave a hot bath But the holiday...

what am I ?? what should I do ??

Posted by: bonny — last comment over 6 years ago (2 comments)

  im 16 and i know there is something different with me compared to others (i know my mind works differently)when i was a child my mum noticed i was a lil odd but just left it. im most certain im diferentcus  . i love numbers to the max ....

Partner of an Aspergers Adult, Help.

Posted by: A_neale — last comment over 6 years ago (1 comment)

Hi all,   My names Abbie, I've been with my partner Anthony for 5 years, he's recently turned 20. He's been diagnosed with Aspergers since he was 13, he didn't recieve much support through school and had a very traumatic school life. 2 years...

Sensory overload. A video by Miguel Jiron. Very good!

Posted by: manarm — last comment over 6 years ago (1 comment)

Help needed please

Posted by: Missy87 — last comment over 6 years ago (1 comment)

Hi there. I don't have Autism and don't have any family members or friends who do (to my knowledge), but I joined this group because I'm doing a qualification in child care and one of the questions is about the support that a child with Autism...


Posted by: juner — last comment over 6 years ago (1 comment)

I've been with my partner for nearly nine months now and lived with him for three of those. I believe he has Aspergers but i'm no expert! I really need some help because i am increasingly finding him difficult to cope with and i'm getting...

Eating problems

Posted by: hayley — last comment over 6 years ago (4 comments)

Hello, we have a 15 year old autistic daughter.  We seem to be having major issues with eating her food.  It is becoming  a major stress and just cannot understand the reason why.  She has always eaten her meals with no problem well in fact have...

Diagnosis confusion!

Posted by: braganza — last comment over 6 years ago (3 comments)

Hi,I'm a newbie to this site with 9yr old who is showing the traits of Aspergers. We had our first referral appointment today which has left me confused and annoyed, which I am am sure is common but I need some advice. Our consultant said my son...

A girl in Reception class might be under autistic sydrome, assessment going on but not certain yet

Posted by: Ramos — last comment almost 7 years ago (13 comments)

Hi there, I would like to seek some advise in supporting a child in school whose suspected of being autistic.I am a teaching assistant and although I have previously worked with a child with autism, the descriptions about the behaviour of...

How can i help my son when he has a melt down

Posted by: /forums — last comment almost 7 years ago (34 comments)

My son is 3 years old and i have been told that he has autisim on the low scale..he is awaiting a specturm test but it feels like i have been waiting for ages....i love my son so much but at times he tantrums and melt downs can be very...

nowhere to turn

Posted by: mollymoobag — last comment almost 7 years ago (2 comments)

i have a 11 year old boy who can be loving (overbearingly so) but also has smashed holes in his bedroom walls, broken bannisters, and trashes my house in violent rages on a frequent basis. i think he needs help and his school has been lovely in...

help me i believe i have two children with autism!

Posted by: spiritwolf — last comment almost 7 years ago (1 comment)

hi there, im a mum with four children, but i believe two of my children has autism, my son is 8 nearly 9 he has been diagnosed with adhd, tic disorder, severe learning difficulties even going for a statement, but he has major anger issues, cant...

Dairy free diet

Posted by: aidan — last comment over 6 years ago (10 comments)

Is there any truth in the rumour that a dairy-free diet can help children with autism?

Can anyone advise me? Urgently?

Posted by: Ruth — last comment about 7 years ago (3 comments)

My daughter, aged 20, rejects the diagnosis of Asperger's. Last week she was due to have surgery on her jaw which she cancelled at the last minute. Her jaw has been 'in training' for the last 6 years and if she doesn't have it her teeth will move...


Posted by: Happy — last comment about 7 years ago (1 comment)

I am looking for funding for a trampoline and a ipod does anyone know where i can get funding from Thank you


Posted by: Kelly Y — last comment about 7 years ago (1 comment)

Hello, I'm looking for advice and near the end of my tether. My sister has been profoundly deaf, probably since birth. As a child she also had epilepsy and Myasthenia Gravis, she is now 35 and these last two are in remmision. She has displayed...