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How can i help my son when he has a melt down

Posted by: /forums — last comment over 8 years ago (34 comments)

My son is 3 years old and i have been told that he has autisim on the low scale..he is awaiting a specturm test but it feels like i have been waiting for ages....i love my son so much but at times he tantrums and melt downs can be very...

nowhere to turn

Posted by: mollymoobag — last comment over 8 years ago (2 comments)

i have a 11 year old boy who can be loving (overbearingly so) but also has smashed holes in his bedroom walls, broken bannisters, and trashes my house in violent rages on a frequent basis. i think he needs help and his school has been lovely in...

help me i believe i have two children with autism!

Posted by: spiritwolf — last comment over 8 years ago (1 comment)

hi there, im a mum with four children, but i believe two of my children has autism, my son is 8 nearly 9 he has been diagnosed with adhd, tic disorder, severe learning difficulties even going for a statement, but he has major anger issues, cant...

Dairy free diet

Posted by: aidan — last comment about 8 years ago (10 comments)

Is there any truth in the rumour that a dairy-free diet can help children with autism?

Can anyone advise me? Urgently?

Posted by: Ruth — last comment over 8 years ago (3 comments)

My daughter, aged 20, rejects the diagnosis of Asperger's. Last week she was due to have surgery on her jaw which she cancelled at the last minute. Her jaw has been 'in training' for the last 6 years and if she doesn't have it her teeth will move...


Posted by: Happy — last comment over 8 years ago (1 comment)

I am looking for funding for a trampoline and a ipod does anyone know where i can get funding from Thank you


Posted by: Kelly Y — last comment over 8 years ago (1 comment)

Hello, I'm looking for advice and near the end of my tether. My sister has been profoundly deaf, probably since birth. As a child she also had epilepsy and Myasthenia Gravis, she is now 35 and these last two are in remmision. She has displayed...

Scratching around the home?

Posted by: Jacqui — last comment over 8 years ago (1 comment)

My friends son has Autism and has had an on going issue with scratching all surfaces and items around the home. She is at her wits end and would like advice on what she can do to try and alliminate this problem. Why does he do it? What can she do...

Is Asperger's progressive?

Posted by: manarm — last comment over 8 years ago (14 comments)

We have been asked this question in the discussion forum. Has anyone got a response?

Support Group for parents of children on autism spectrum in London - Spanish speaking

Posted by: manarm — last comment over 8 years ago (1 comment)

This is a posting from Adam Walsh on UK Autism Group who you can contact through Facebook and Twitter @LAAGLondon Hi all, we are setting up a support group based in London, for parents in the...

Advice about my 13 year old son.

Posted by: dinkydo — last comment over 8 years ago (1 comment)

This is my first time on here as I am at my wits end about my son who will be 14 this year. I really dont know where to begin so its probably best to take it back to the beginning. Ever since my son was a toddler he disliked any sort of social...

My Boyfriend has Aspergers and I need help

Posted by: confusedalot — last comment over 8 years ago (3 comments)

My boyfriend has Aspergers syndrome. It is sometimes really difficult to understand why he needs to say for example...complete his guitar tunes to the utmost perfect standard and why when he is so obsessed with doing what he\'s doing he can\'t...

day services for patients with autism

Posted by: amanda t — last comment almost 9 years ago (1 comment)

I am a social worker based in Warrington (Cheshire) I am trying to find day services for patients with Autism. These patients are residing within a secure hospital under a section of the Mental Health Act 1983, there is a lot of resisitance due...

Autism and Family Life

Posted by: shir25 — last comment over 8 years ago (3 comments)

Hi I am a student from a London university doing a paper on Autism and Family Life. I was wondering if anyone could share me their story or give me some insight on how autism affects family life (sibling relationship, divorce, parent-child,...

PEGASUS: A research project at Great Ormond Street for children with ASD aged 9-14 and their parents

Posted by: /forums — last comment over 8 years ago (2 comments)

Hello My name is Kate and I am a Clinical Psychologist based at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We are trying to let people know about a research project we are doing at the moment. The project is to evaluate the PEGASUS programme, which has...

Successful theatre and cinema visits

Posted by: Minnie — last comment almost 9 years ago (1 comment)

Has anyone got any specific advice for a theatre or cinema that would like to have autism-friendly shows/screenings? Have you experienced a successful visit? What worked?

Empathy - yes or no?

Posted by: Minnie — last comment almost 9 years ago (1 comment)

There has been some discussion recently on how much empathy people with autism or Asperger\'s Syndrome experience. Some say that empathy needs to be learned, others say that the people they know with an autistic spectrum condition feel empathy...

Disability Living Allowance

Posted by: Al — last comment about 9 years ago (2 comments)

I am due to attend a tribunal on the 31st of this month as I was refused DLA by the DWP. despite being diagnosed with aspergers/adhd from a professional medical person. I have heard that the government intends to do away with the lower rate and...

Cuts in Autism Services

Posted by: /forums — last comment almost 9 years ago (2 comments)

We're hearing all kinds of reports of government cutbacks affecting Local Authority Adult Services funding. How is this affecting you and how are you coping locally?

Good days out in the Midlands for young adults with Autism

Posted by: /forums — last comment about 9 years ago (1 comment)

Can anyone recommend some interesting days out within a couple of hours drive of Birmingham that would be suitable for young people aged 18+, some with physical difficulties as well as autism?