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Getting an assessment - discussing the reality and sharing good practice.

Posted by: /forums — last comment over 8 years ago (3 comments)

In theory both children's and adult social services have a responsibility to conduct a multi-professional assessment of a person with autism to provide a statement of their needs, as a basis for providing services. This is a still a fairly new...

Independant living for Aspies

Posted by: Benjimillie — last comment over 9 years ago (1 comment)

How on earth do I start the ball rolling for my 21 year old son who is an \"Aspie\"? He attends mainstream college and is doing A levels but is desperate to be independant and make the move to his own place. He was only diagnosed at the...


Posted by: /forums — over 9 years ago (0 comments)

Hey, that\'s poewrufl. Thanks for the news.

Welcome to Living Autism

Posted by: /forums — over 9 years ago (0 comments)

Welcome to Living Autism, please let us have your comments, feedback and suggestions

Autism Daily Tips for 2016

Posted by: Felicity — almost 5 years ago (0 comments)

Autism Daily Tips For 2016   1st January - #‎DailyTip Look back over the past 12 months. Record what worked well+what made a difference for you + the person w autism   2nd January - #‎DailyTip List positive interactions you have had and...

Tips to Navigate Party Meltdowns and Travel

Posted by: Felicity — about 5 years ago (0 comments)

Here is an article about navigating meltdowns at party and also travel. Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?

Training Courses - ReAttach - a train the trainer construction

Posted by: Felicity — about 5 years ago (0 comments)

ReAttach Therapy Institute are preparing training courses for a new schema therapy for adults and children, ReAttach. The method is young and they are looking for good contacts abroad to organise training courses in your region.   As you can...

iPads & Autism Apps Recommendations

Posted by: Felicity — about 6 years ago (0 comments)

Click here to view the list and add any more suggestions to this discussion group!

Advice please on falling head over heels for an AS man

Posted by: /forums — about 6 years ago (0 comments)

After a year of seeing an AS man two or three times a month, I have grown very fond of him and want to let him know he's become very special to me, without scaring him off.  He now talks very freely to me, is amusing and we have eye contact. ...

Popkorn TV is making a three-part series for Channel Five exploring challenging behaviour from children towards their parent/s.. Want to get involved?

Posted by: Felicity — about 6 years ago (0 comments)

Is your child abusive towards you, verbally and/or physically? Are you in despair about what to do and where to go to find help? When children are aggressive towards members of their family, many parents can feel isolated and ashamed of their...


Posted by: Felicity — over 6 years ago (0 comments)

Please click here to read the PDF version of the book, ‘Coping: A Survival Guide for People with Asperger Syndrome’ which was written by Marc Segar.

Five ways to help your child with autism cope with summer’s relaxed schedule. What other techniques do people use?

Posted by: Felicity — over 6 years ago (0 comments)

Click here to view five ways in which to help your child cope with summers relaxed schedule.

After School Club - advice please

Posted by: manarm — over 6 years ago (0 comments)

I have been asked this question. A mother would like her son with autism to attend an after-school club. The club is asking her to pay 3 times the amount of other parents, as they will need to bring in extra support. Can they do this? Has anyone...

Watch UB40 promoting autism awareness

Posted by: Felicity — over 6 years ago (0 comments)

Here is a video of UB40 supporting the autism roadshow! Brilliant, click here to watch

Diagnosed At Last - Now For a Way Forward...

Posted by: /forums — almost 7 years ago (0 comments)

Hi everyone, I have had to fight for it but I have finally been diagnosed as having Asperger's. I am a 51 year old male. I do hope that it is OK to share my story with you? Although I have been aware of my 'quirks' for all my life it...

Any suggestions for how to manage puberty and children with autism?

Posted by: Felicity — about 7 years ago (0 comments)

Here is an article about one mothers honest experiences. Click here to read

Asperger Articles and Information

Posted by: manarm — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

A website with a range of articles tackling issues that people with Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning autism might experience, including sensory issues, motivation, puberty and transitions. Click to go to the website.

The Autism Act and its progress discussed in the House of Lords on 17 June 2013

Posted by: Living Autism Moderator — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

Latest video footage What are your thoughts?

What an autism-friendly theatre performance can mean to parents

Posted by: manarm — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

A wonderful piece of writing "Hakuna Matata On A Sunday Afternoon"

The Autism Media Channel

Posted by: Felicity — almost 8 years ago (0 comments)

The Autism Team offer help and support to change the lives of people living with autism and Asperger's and their families. They are currently helping change the life of Sam and her little boy Mickey. Click here to watch and follow their...