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Sensory Solutions in the Classroom for the Kid Who Cannot Sit Still

Posted by: Felicity — about 7 years ago (0 comments)

For children with different sensory/motor needs sitting still and being able to attend in school is not always easy. This article offers a list of suggestions to help parents and teachers understand what works to help children be focused and...

Advocacy for divorce

Posted by: The Lone Aspie — about 7 years ago (0 comments)

Hi...where can i find an advocate urgently to help with a divorce?

A fresh insight into approaching 'inflexible thinking'

Posted by: manarm — about 7 years ago (0 comments)


Posted by: /forums — about 7 years ago (0 comments)

I don't prefer the Mental Illness' label bescuae it stigmatises the sufferand can destroy their self confidence (If it is based On An External Locus of Control.)Doctors, shrinks, dentists all have been known and occasionally break downbetter to...

Improving Social Care for Adults with Autism

Posted by: manarm — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

This is a good list of resources for improving social care for adults with autism from the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

New Blog by Alex Cargius who talks about his relationship with his brother who has autism

Posted by: Living Autism Moderator — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

Alexandra Cargius wanted to read about a relationship between two siblings when autism is involved, however not being able to find anything relating to this he has created his own! This blog describes the relationship he has with his brother...

Recruitment for research project

Posted by: Living Autism Moderator — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

Forwarded from Autism All Stars Foundation UK - I am writing to you because I am a researcher at the Children & Technology Lab, which is part of the School of Psychology at the University of Sussex, and I am currently recruiting HF ASC...

Personal Budgets

Posted by: manarm — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

Has anyone had experience of personal budgets in relation to someone with autism?

Looking for \'First Timers\' for TV programme

Posted by: ZigZagTV — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

I’m carrying out some research for a new TV programme currently in development. We are looking for individuals who are ready to overcome shyness and awkwardness towards the opposite sex. I’ve been looking into involuntary celibacy and...

High Court judgement highlights need for autism training in public services

Posted by: Minnie — over 7 years ago (0 comments)

Has anyone experienced good practice within public services in their understanding of people with autism, eg police, fire service, ambulance service? Would really like to hear the stories, both positive and negative.

Employing people with Asperger Syndrome

Posted by: /forums — about 8 years ago (0 comments)

There is a software company in Denmark which only employs people with Asperger Syndrome. Does anyone know of a similar company in the UK?

Physical and emotional feelings before certain behaviours

Posted by: Minnie — almost 8 years ago (0 comments)

I have been reading a discussion about certain physical and emotional feelings some people with autism or Asperger\'s Syndrome experience just before \'inappropriate\' behaviour or outbursts. Has anyone experienced this before and, if so, have you...

Mozart and the Whale

Posted by: /forums — over 8 years ago (0 comments)

Has anyone seen this film? If so, would you recommend it?