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Action for Asperger's

Organisation administrator: Felicity Anderson



Phone: 01536 266681

About Action for Asperger's

The Aims Of Action For Asperger’s The charitable service has two main aims: The first, main aim of the charity is to counsel neurotypical persons whose lives are in distress or upset as a consequence of their experience with their Asperger’s Syndrome son/daughter/sibling/spouse/friend. For example, often when parents receive a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome for their child, they become depressed as they grieve the loss of their fantasy child ie the child they thought they would have and now have not. Also, for the spouse of an Asperger’s Syndrome person, life can be extremely tough as they strive to communicate in a literal, exact and precise way 100% of the time, which, as I am sure the reader of this website will realise, is not in the nature of neurotypicals. The second, but no less important, aim of the charity is to provide a counselling and emotional support service for any child/adolescent/adult who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Despite our charity name indicating a preference for autism of the Asperger’s variant, we do in fact counsel all variants of autism, from lower-functioning to higher-functioning types. The service provides Minecraft & League of Legends clubs run for children. Lego therapy is available for small group work. There is a spouses support group and men's social group.

9 Darwin House
Corbygate Business Park
Priors Haw Road
NN17 5JG